Listen Up For Brain Health: Top 5 Podcasts

We want to do everything possible to keep our brains in top-notch condition, but finding the best resources isn’t always easy. Who are the experts we should be listening to? The team at Brainy Moms scoured the podcast community to find five of the best shows on brain health. They picked shows with two must-have characteristics: the advice must be grounded in science and the hosts have to be engaging. And we only chose podcasts with episodes that run on a predictable schedule. (Nobody likes to wonder when the next one will be available!)

Here’s the list:

1. The Broken Brain Podcast

Topping our list is the Broken Brain Podcast with host Dhru Purohi‪t. Dhru interviews top researchers, doctors, and other clinicians in the fields of neuroplasticity, mindfulness, functional medicine, and science-based biohacking. Guests offer their expertise in diet and nutrition, hormones, sleep, exercise, and mental health practices for optimizing brain health. Not your amateur podcasting hobbiest, Dhru is a pro with big name guests like Dr. Mark Hyman, Steven Kotler, James Nestor, Steven Lin, Chris Kresser, and so many more. For starters, check out the mini-episode How to Supercharge Your Brain Health.

2. True Life Podcast

If you want an entertaining hour of health advice, look no further than the True Life Podcast hosted by Kevin Miller (also the host of The Ziglar Show and Motive Podcast) and functional medicine physician Randy James, MD. They focus on practical ways to improve the health of both the body and mind so you can pursue your goals in work and life. Their premise is this: The key to your wellness is your awareness. If you want no nonsense tips for achieving your healthiest brain and body delivered with personality plus, this podcast should be in your playlist of favorites. For starters, check out the episodes Dementia and Fit Kids are Smarter.

3. The Psychology Podcast

If you love learning about psychology and behavior just because it’s exciting, this is the podcast for you. In The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufma‪n, you get to hear from a new expert every week on topics like creativity, free will, autism, humor, mindfulness, ambition, love, choking under pressure, and general mental health. Dr. Kaufman offers a full buffet of topics that are commonly associated with the field of psychology and other topics that simply speak to us as living breathing beings in a challenging world. There is something for everyone in this show. For starters, check out this episode with executive coach Caroline Webb: How to Have a Good Day During a Global Pandemic

4. Faces of TBI Podcast

For a podcast dedicated solely to brain injury, Faces of TBI with Amy Zellmer is our pick. Classified as the #1 podcast series for concussion and TBI resources, Faces of TBI is hosted by a brain injury survivor who has dedicated her life to raising awareness of brain injury and treatments. Amy interviews brain injury survivors and medical professional specializing in a variety of functional treatments for concussion and TBI. For starters, check out this episode: Neuroinflammation and TBI with Dr. Shane Steadman

5. Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown

Actress and real-life neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, PhD launched the Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown podcast in December 2020 to share myths and misunderstandings about mental health. In this fun but straight-talking and very raw show, Mayim combines her own experience with her expertise in neuroscience to break down the issues surrounding mental health. She interviews very diverse public figures including authors and actors who vulnerably share of themselves in Mayim’s listening laboratory. Real issues, compassionate interactions, and edgy. For starters, check out this episode: Comedy from Home Beats Anxiety with Grace Helbi‪g.

From my brain to yours –
Dr. Amy
Amy Lawson Moore, PhD

This article was originally published in Modern Brain Journal.

About the author:
Dr. Amy is a cognitive psychologist at
LearningRx World Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, where she specializes in cognitive training and assessment for learning disabilities, ADHD, brain injury, and age-related cognitive decline. Her research has been published in more than a dozen scientific journals and presented at conferences around the country. She is also co-host of Brainy Moms, editor-in-chief of Modern Brain Journal, and a Board-Certified Christian Counselor. Read more at