Number 1 Factor for Successful COVID-19 Distance Learning: Personal Connection

The coronavirus epidemic has created an unprecedented sense of isolation for many people. School children are perhaps the most impacted by this historic pandemic. Despite valiant efforts by parents, educators and administrators, youngsters are feeling disconnected, bored, and lonely.

Researchers from University of the West of England explored the importance of personal connection for distance learning. While online learning offers the benefit of flexibility it can also create a sense of isolation. Scientists discovered three important themes for successful distance learning:

the culture of the learning,
and support”

The presence of these three aspects helps confirm a beneficial and constructive online learning environment. While public school systems continue to fearlessly develop such programs, there are cognitive training options available already to address these important themes. Programs like LearningRx, for example, offer personalized cognitive training via online platforms with individualized education for children. Trainers connect with students two or three times per week, and create an interactive, engaging, supportive and positive culture of learning.

While our current COVID-19 situation may foster isolation, there are viable options available right now to help children feel a renewed sense of personal connection!

By Terissa Michele Miller, MS Psy

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This article was originally published in Modern Brain Journal.

About the author:
Teri Miller is a mom of nine and child development researcher with a Masters of Science in Psychology. She is a Research Associate at Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research, co-host of the podcast Brainy Moms, and the Managing Editor at Modern Brain Journal.