Frustrated at Having to Repeat Yourself? Unpacking the Impacts of Weak Memory on Learning, Parenting, and Life with Dr. Amy Moore and Sandy Zamalis

On this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast, cognitive psychologist Dr. Amy Moore and board-certified cognitive specialist Sandy Zamalis delve into the topic of memory. How many times have you asked your child to do a few chores, only to have them forget? You may have thought, “That kid just doesn’t listen.” But the reality is that your child’s probably got some cognitive skills—like working memory and/or auditory processing—that need a boost to help them think, learn, read, and remember. Or think about the time your teen studied late into the night for a test, only to get a poor grade. If they didn’t get a good night’s sleep to consolidate those memories, they forgot what they learned by the time the test rolled around. If you’re curious to better understand the two broad types of memory—working and long-term—and how those skills can be targeted and trained to help your student live up to their full potential in school, work, athletics, and life in general, you won’t want to miss this host-led episode. Listen to Dr. Amy and Sandy as they explain how these two cognitive skills play a vital role in learning, and why even smart kids can struggle if these skills aren’t strong.

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