Inspire Your Family’s Finances with guests John & Karen Yates

In this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and visiting co-host Sandra Zamalis interview John and Karen Yates. John and Karen are financial alignment coaches, founders of Inspire My Money, and authors of Own Your Financial Future: Seven Strategies to Get You Started Today.  

Does the word “budget” create negative emotions when you hear it? For many people, that’s the reason budgets fail. John and Karen have created a new way of looking at your finances that uses the psychology of goal-directed behavior and gives you full control of how you spend your money. It’s an inspiring way of thinking about your shared dreams, working towards meeting them, and enjoying life now as a family. Not waiting for the “right” time.  Join us for an episode that addresses a topic that many couples want to avoid but don’t have to.  It’s all about aligning your goals and working towards achieving your dreams together. 

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