Creating & Modeling Healthy Habits & Mindset with guest Dr. Orlena Kerek

Are you running out of ways to get your kids to eat better? Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting or emotional eating? Want some tips for adopting a healthier lifestyle for your whole family? On this episode of Brainy Moms, D. Amy and Teri interview Dr. Orlena Kerek – a pediatrician, health coach, and author of the book, Building Simple Habits to a Healthy Me. Dr. Orlena talks about the four pillars of health we’re all familiar with: diet, exercise, sleep, and emotional wellness. But her perspective on these pillars of health is different. Health habits begin with our mindset. We have to adopt not just healthy beliefs but healthy identities if we want to create lasting healthy habits for ourselves and for our children. Join us for this fresh look at becoming a healthy family. 

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