Shattering Homeschooling Myths: The Truth About Opting Out of the School System with guest Christy Faith

On this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast, Dr. Amy is joined by Sandy and Teri—who have both been homeschool moms—to talk with Christy Faith about homeschooling. Christy shares topics from her new book, “Homeschool Rising: Shattering Myths, Finding Courage, and Opting Out of the School System,” and her flourishing online community of homeschooling families. You’ll hear how homeschooling has changed significantly over the years to evolve into a truly diverse and sustainable undertaking for all types of students, regardless of income, religion, setting, and individual needs. Learn how and why the American school system was launched and why so many families are now turning to this growing movement to educate their kids. Christy shares statistics from her research to dispel the myths many of us have heard about homeschooling, from socialization and sports to getting into college and going to prom. If you’ve ever considered homeschooling but thought it would be too hard or that your student would miss out on too much of the traditional schooling experience, tune in for this truly eye-opening conversation from someone on the front lines.

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