Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes in Women: Using Nutrition & Fasting to Reverse the Cycle Before It’s Too Late with guest Matty Lansdown

What’s the difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes? Just how serious is insulin resistance? What strategies and methods can we use at home to control our blood sugar? Nutritionist Matty Lansdown, host of the “How to Not Get Sick and Die” podcast, joins Dr. Amy and Sandy today to share his knowledge and advice on eating for optimum health. From managing stress and boosting focus to losing weight and preventing so many of the diseases and health issues that can come from poor nutrition, you’ll learn the role that nutrient-rich foods—and junk foods—play in how you look, think, and feel. Whether you’re looking for tips on losing or maintaining weight or just want to be ‘in the know’ on the latest from the scientific and medical community regarding our current understanding of nutrition, tune in this insightful conversation. 

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