Advocating for your neurodiverse student in a school system designed for the neurotypical with guest Dr. Bibi Pirayesh

Do you have a child or teen who is considered “neurodiverse” compared to their peers? It’s a broad term used often used to characterize atypical patterns of thought or behavior. But as more students are labeled “neurodiverse,” is their way of thinking truly “atypical” or simply another way of functioning beyond the standard for which our current school systems are designed? Dr. Bibi Pirayesh joined Dr. Amy and Teri to weigh in on our current educational system and the ways in which it breaks down for students who don’t fit the typical mold in terms of how their brain perceives or processes information. From homework and IEPs to ways you can advocate for your student, Dr. Pirayesh brings her knowledge and experience to the table to help parents understand how our current educational systems are designed and why so many students are falling through the cracks.

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