Parenting Style Impacts Your Child’s Mental Health with guest Hansa Bhargava, MD

Ever wondered if your parenting style has impact on your child’s mental health? Did you know that your own stress could be stressing out your kids? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Teri and I interview Dr. Hansa Bhargava, pediatrician, renowned parenting expert, Chief Medical Officer at Medscape Education, and author of the book, Building Happier Kids: Stress-Busting Tools for Parents published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Dr. Bhargava talks to us about the importance of shifting our parenting style to be more connected and compassionate in order to help our children be resilient in the current youth mental health crisis that was exacerbated by the pandemic. She talks about screens, scheduling, sleep, self-care, and stress and their impact on the mental health of our kids…and on ourselves. New flash? It’s all related. Join us for tips on managing it all a little better and reducing the risk to our children. 

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The Enneagram for Moms: How Your Type Impacts Relationships at Home and Work with guest Sarah Wallace

On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview Sarah Wallace, Enneagram Business and Life Coach and host of the Enneagram MBA podcast. Sarah walks listeners through the Enneagram personality types and how each type influences your parenting style at home and your leadership style at the office. Your type helps explain why you keep having the same challenge with your kids, the same fight with your partner, and the same issues at work. Knowing your type can have a significant impact on those issues and relationships! Whether you’ve never heard of the enneagram or you’re already an enneagram enthusiast, this episode is full of amazing insights.

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Positive Parenting Essentials with guest Dr. Candice Jones

On this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy Moore and Teri Miller interview Dr. Candice Jones, pediatrician and author of the new American Academy of Pediatrics book, High Five Discipline: Positive Parenting for Happy, Healthy, Well-Behaved Kids.  Dr. Candice shares 5 essentials to positive parenting, talks about the importance of controlling our own emotions, and reveals how attention is a parent’s super power.  Are you wondering if spanking is okay? Wondering what to do if you and your partner don’t have the same parenting styles? Get answers to these questions and much more on an episode full of amazing advice from one of our nation’s parenting experts. 

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