Expert Advice on Dyslexia & Reading Struggles with guest Donesa Walker, MS Ed

Does your child struggle with reading or spelling? Wondering what to do for a child with dyslexia? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview Reading and Dyslexia Specialist, Donesa Walker, MS Ed, BCCS. Donesa tells us what’s happening in the brain of struggling readers, how there are different types of dyslexia that show up in a variety of ways, what some warning signs are that parents should look out for, and what the most effective interventions should include.

Donesa shares her journey from classroom teacher to board certified cognitive specialist and how brain training has changed so many lives of both kids and adults who struggle with reading. This episode is educational, inspirational, and carries a message of hope from a delightful and charming reading expert.

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