Improving Sleep for Children and Adults: A Dentist’s Surprising Method with Dr. Blaine Leeds

In one of our most fascinating episodes of the Brainy Moms podcast to date, dentist and author Dr. Blaine Leeds joins Dr. Amy and Teri to talk about a novel way to significantly improve the quality and quantity of sleep for children, teens, and adults. To our surprise, oral sleep apnea impedes restorative sleep, which experts are now determining to be the root cause of so many mental, emotional, cognitive, and physical issues. Learn how a simple DIY device is revolutionizing not only how we treat common conditions, but also how we think about their root cause. From depression to high blood pressure to memory issues, Dr. Leeds shares some of the dramatic results he’s seeing in his practice and across the country. Tune in to hear more about a pioneering device and its potential in uprooting how we address and possibly prevent a multitude of common disorders, ailments, and even diseases.

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