A Whole-Child Approach to Autism with guest Dr. Suzanne Goh

In this two-part series, Dr. Suzanne Goh shares her latest insights on autism with Dr. Amy and Teri. As one of the top experts in the field, Dr. Goh brings a wealth of new information on everything from early signs of autism and getting a diagnosis to pattern-seeking behaviors and the gut-brain connection. Tune in to hear more about what your first steps might be if you’re concerned your child has autism, how to support your child’s unique developmental trajectory, why food elimination shouldn’t be your initial attempt to rule out sensitivities or allergies, and the role schools may or may not play in supporting your child or teen. You’ll also hear Dr. Goh explain the five elements of a whole-child approach to care and why parents’ observations and input are so vitally important in the overall process of diagnosing and support your child with autism. If you have a child or teen with autism, you won’t want to miss this two-part series!

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