Autism Awareness & Intervention Begins with Parent Mindset with guest Andrea Pollack, MS Ed

Wondering what to do first when your child is diagnosed with autism? Overwhelmed or feeling like a failure as a parent of a child with autism? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview the founder of Autism Parent Solutions, Andrea Pollack, MS Ed. Andrea shares that parents of children on the autism spectrum need help with their own mindset and perspective before they can confidently judge intervention options.
Andrea shares some tips and tools from her parenting program that give listeners a start on creating a mindset that will help them be less overwhelmed and frustrated as they navigate parenting a child on the autism spectrum. If you are an autism parent, this episode is for you!

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Relationship Advice for Couples after Having a Baby with guest Catherine O’Brien, LMFT

Relationships change when you add a baby to your family, but you can still be happy amidst the sleepless nights, demanding feeding schedule, and bottomless diaper pail. On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview Catherine O’Brien, marriage and family therapist and author of the book Happy with Baby: Essential Relationship Advice When Partners Become Parents.

Catherine talks about the relationship challenges of being a new parent…for the first time or even the fifth time.  She offers advice to our listeners for connecting with your partner, your new baby, and yourself to strengthen relationships and increase happiness in the middle of your chaotic life.

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5 Things Parents of Teens Need to Know with guest Kim Duckworth

Wondering what you need to know to be a successful parent of a teenager? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri  interview Kim Duckworth, author of the bestselling book, Parents, Are You Ready? The Practical Guide to Launching a Successful High School Student.

Kim shares 5 things that successful parents of teens should know including how to help your teen find their superpower—or their uniqueness. Kim’s an expert in college readiness and admissions and her tips are just what parents of teens—like we are—need to hear! 

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Busy Mom? How to Run Your Home on Autopilot with guest Carrie Olsen, LCSW

Are you a busy mom feeling guilty that you can’t seem to juggle everything? Do you feel like you SHOULD be able to manage kids, your home life, your social life, your kid’s schedule, and your job or volunteer work? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri discuss all of this with licensed therapist and clini-coach, Carrie Olsen. 

Carrie talks to us about taking the word “should” out of our vocabulary so we can enjoy being a mom!  We discuss the phenomenon of decision fatigue, how it creates stress for moms, and how to minimize it. She gives us practical tips to help us run our home on autopilot, freeing us up to focus on what’s most important. 

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Parenting Style Impacts Your Child’s Mental Health with guest Hansa Bhargava, MD

Ever wondered if your parenting style has impact on your child’s mental health? Did you know that your own stress could be stressing out your kids? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Teri and I interview Dr. Hansa Bhargava, pediatrician, renowned parenting expert, Chief Medical Officer at Medscape Education, and author of the book, Building Happier Kids: Stress-Busting Tools for Parents published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Dr. Bhargava talks to us about the importance of shifting our parenting style to be more connected and compassionate in order to help our children be resilient in the current youth mental health crisis that was exacerbated by the pandemic. She talks about screens, scheduling, sleep, self-care, and stress and their impact on the mental health of our kids…and on ourselves. New flash? It’s all related. Join us for tips on managing it all a little better and reducing the risk to our children. 

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From Doctor to Homeschooling Mom: Balancing Career and Your Child’s Education Needs with guest Carline Crevecoeur, MD

Are you concerned that your child’s current school environment might not be the right choice?  Are you considering homeschooling but worried about making it work with your career? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview Dr. Carline Crevecoeur, a physician and author of the book, Pressure Makes Diamonds: From Homeschooling to the Ivy League- A Parenting Story. 

Dr. Carline gave up her medical practice to homeschool her 5 children and then won a seat on her local school board. Dr. Carline shares her story of sacrifice, perseverance, and advocacy for her children’s education while battling a life-threatening illness. Tune in to be inspired! 

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