How to Quiet Your Inner Mean Girl with guest Onnie Michalsky, M.A.

About this Episode

Hey Moms! Are you ready to silence that inner “mean girl” who says you’re not enough? Are you exhausted from doing all the things and ready to shed your Supermom cape? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Sandy interview licensed therapist and host of Moms without Capes, Onnie Michalsky, about how to quiet our inner mean girls and take off our supermom capes. Onnie shares tips on identifying our own needs and emotions, setting boundaries, banishing guilt over self-care, and more.

About Onnie

Onnie is a licensed therapist, a mom of 6, and a life and wellness coach for overscheduled, stressed-out women who have lost themselves under their mom-hat. She empowers moms to escape the do-it-all mentality and break through the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from becoming their best self. Her mission, as the founder of the Moms Without Capes movement, is to help women slow down, recognize their worth, and find their way back to themselves.

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Facebook and Instagram: @MomsWithoutCapes

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