Peaceful Parenting Tools with guest Sarah R. Moore

When Sarah R. Moore hears someone bemoaning a toddler’s tantrum with, “Oh, he just wants attention,” she’s likely to respond with, “Yes, and?” It’s a term she learned from an improv class but one she frequently applies to parenting. And in terms of tantrums—be it from a toddler or teen—she believes the cry for attention is due to an unmet need. Sarah joins Dr. Amy and Sandy on the Brainy Moms podcast to talk about a variety of tools she believes can be beneficial in helping children, teens, and us feel seen, safe, soothed, and secure…including story teaching, connection, and co-creating boundaries. If you’re looking for new ways to grow as a parent and help your child communicate, build resiliency, and deepen their trust and respect for you, this episode is not to be missed! Join us for this upbeat, fun, (and sometimes funny!) discussion with the author of “Peaceful Discipline: Story Teaching, Brain Science & Better Behavior.”

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Advocating for your neurodiverse student in a school system designed for the neurotypical with guest Dr. Bibi Pirayesh

Do you have a child or teen who is considered “neurodiverse” compared to their peers? It’s a broad term used often used to characterize atypical patterns of thought or behavior. But as more students are labeled “neurodiverse,” is their way of thinking truly “atypical” or simply another way of functioning beyond the standard for which our current school systems are designed? Dr. Bibi Pirayesh joined Dr. Amy and Teri to weigh in on our current educational system and the ways in which it breaks down for students who don’t fit the typical mold in terms of how their brain perceives or processes information. From homework and IEPs to ways you can advocate for your student, Dr. Pirayesh brings her knowledge and experience to the table to help parents understand how our current educational systems are designed and why so many students are falling through the cracks.

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A potty-training coach shares her tips to get your child out of diapers with guest Mary Vaughn

If you’ll be potty training your child, grandchild, or even a toddler in childcare, this Brainy Moms podcast interview hosted by Dr. Amy and Teri with guest Mary Vaughn is a must listen! (Even those of us who have been through potty training already learned a lot!) From the five signs your child is ready to start potty training and how to effectively use pull-ups, to when ADH (the antidiuretic hormone) begins being secreted to slow the production of urine overnight, this episode was so jam-packed with information that we’ve invited Mary back for part two!

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Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetes in Women: Using Nutrition & Fasting to Reverse the Cycle Before It’s Too Late with guest Matty Lansdown

What’s the difference between pre-diabetes and diabetes? Just how serious is insulin resistance? What strategies and methods can we use at home to control our blood sugar? Nutritionist Matty Lansdown, host of the “How to Not Get Sick and Die” podcast, joins Dr. Amy and Sandy today to share his knowledge and advice on eating for optimum health. From managing stress and boosting focus to losing weight and preventing so many of the diseases and health issues that can come from poor nutrition, you’ll learn the role that nutrient-rich foods—and junk foods—play in how you look, think, and feel. Whether you’re looking for tips on losing or maintaining weight or just want to be ‘in the know’ on the latest from the scientific and medical community regarding our current understanding of nutrition, tune in this insightful conversation. 

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Helping Your Teen To Choose Their Own Unique Path in an Academically Competitive World with guest Cindy Muchnick, M.A.

Community college? Gap year? Four-year private university? Today’s teens are facing overwhelming pressure to follow a traditional path from high school to college, often with little regard for their readiness, motivation, or interest. Cindy Muchnick, co-author of “The Parent Compass: Navigating Your Teen’s Wellness & Academic Journey in Today’s Competitive World” joined Dr. Amy and Sandy on the Brainy Moms podcast to share some advice on how to preserve your relationship with your teen while navigating a competitive academic environment. If you’re looking for insights on how to foster grit, resilience, and independence in your teen while also learning to listen to their feelings and fears, this episode will hit the spot! Combining her years of experience as a college admissions expert, high school teacher, and mother of four, Cindy offered some concrete strategies to help you navigate these crucial years and help guide your teen to THEIR preferred experience after high school.

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Intentional Parenting: Establishing Boundaries, a Family Culture, and a Growth Mindset with guest Monica Swanson

Do you struggle to find the balance between setting boundaries and giving freedoms to your kids? Do you worry that your teens are unprepared to leave the nest? Are you concerned you’re spending more time raising your voice than connecting with your toddler? Monica Swanson, author of Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You and Raising Amazing: Bring Up Kids Who Love God, Like Their Family, and Do the Dishes Without Being Asked shares her wisdom, stories, and suggestions on this episode of the Brainy Moms podcast. Although Monica has raised four boys, these valuable insights—on everything from modeling integrity to allowing your kids to fail—can be applied to any family with children or teens. 

Join Dr. Amy and Sandy as we tackle some common parenting challenges and techniques to either prevent them or approach them from a growth mindset for both parent and child.

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Peaceful Parenting Through Tough Moments at Any Age with guest Laura Reardon

If you’ve struggled to control your own emotions during a toddler tantrum or tween storm, you’re not alone. Parenting is full of everyday challenges that often lead to big feelings, bad behavior, and reactionary responses—and we’re not just talking about the kids.

Parent coach Laura Reardon joined The Brainy Moms podcast to share her insights on effective strategies to get through the toughest, most emotionally charged moments of parenting. From homework meltdowns and how unmet needs can turn into a threat response, Laura walks us through some calming techniques and supportive wording to help diffuse charged moments and refocus on a peaceful path to parenting.

If you’re tired of feeling emotionally drained and want some guidance on how to create more peace in your family without constantly turning to punitive responses, tune in for this parent-focused podcast.

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Parenting a Differently Wired Kid on Your Own Terms with guest Debbie Reber, MA

If you’re parenting a differently wired kid, you may have concerns that go beyond the already heavy stressors that can come with parenting. Am I parenting to bring out the best in my child or doing what’s comfortable, easy or socially expected? Is my child’s IEP just addressing the behavior rather than the stressors that are causing the behavior? Is my neurodivergent student going to be left behind because they don’t perform well on standardized tests despite being very smart? Am I stuck in a cycle of “compare and despair” rather than respecting my child’s unique timeline, interests and gifts?

On this episode of the Brainy Moms, podcast, Dr. Amy and Dr. Jody host a conversation with Debbie Reber, M.A., author of the book, “Differently Wired: A Parent’s Guide to Raising an Atypical Child with Confidence and Hope” and founder of Tilt Parenting. It felt like a lifeline for many of us raising neurodivergent children and teens. Offering insights, personal stories, and guidance for listeners who may be grappling with insecurities around parenting a differently wired child, Debbie provided comfort—and useful tips—to help us all gain perspective.

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Shame, Taboos, and Trauma: Talking to your Kids about their Bodies, Intimacy, and Porn with guest Clint Davis, MS, LPC

On this episode of the Brainy Moms parenting podcast, Dr. Amy and Teri welcome the return of trauma therapist Clint Davis to the show to share his insights about an uncomfortable topic: protecting your kids from sexual abuse and trauma. Beyond just recommending parental-control apps, Clint delves into the psychology behind age-appropriate curiosity, the impact of pornography on both children and adults, and the importance of creating a safe space for communication without shame. This is an episode that every parent needs to hear.

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Conscious Parenting: Finding Balance Between Permissive and Punitive Approaches with guest Dr. Elham Raker

Has someone ever told you to “enjoy every minute of parenting because it goes by so fast”? Or that“you only have 18 summers”? For some of us, the extra pressure to feel like we have to relish every touch point with our kids only adds to the stress we feel as busy parents just trying to do our best to juggle it all.  On this episode, Dr. Amy and Sandy interview Dr. Elham Raker, pediatrician and certified parent coach who has worked with parents through telemedicine and her virtual coaching program, Ask Dr. Mom. Dr. El says the pressures and expectations for parents can lead to unnecessary feelings of guilt. We bet you can relate.

In her coaching, Dr. El provides support and guidance to parents looking to strike a balance between punitive and permission parenting. Through Conscious Parenting, she helps parents grow deeper connections with their children in ways that are calmer, more respectful, and enriching for both parent and child. She also shares her knowledge and experience as a pediatrician to clarify which unnecessary “shoulds” we can let go of as parents.

Parents, if you’re constantly worried that you’re not doing enough as a parent or you’re just looking for ways to develop a deeper relationship with your child or teen, this conversation with Dr. El may feel like a breath of fresh air. She’s the trifecta of experts—mom, pediatrician and certified parenting coach—and we hope her expertise will help you enrich your relationship not only with your child, but also yourself.

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