What Parents Need to Know about Speech and Language Development with guest Sarah Billingham

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Did you know that as parents, we are the best partner to support early language skills in our children? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Teri interview speech and language specialist teacher, Sarah Billingham of Confident Kids.  Sarah shares how parents are the most “tuned in” to the speech and language skills of young children and how we are uniquely suited to help them develop those skills.  She shares specific tips for communicating in ways that optimize their speech and language development, which milestones to be aware of, what red flags to look for, and some fantastic resources to help.


About Sarah

Sarah Billingham is a speech and language specialist teacher in Berkshire, UK who runs Confident Kids, a unique Early Years service where she uses her 16+ years of experience to equip parents and caregivers with expert knowledge and practical tools they need to offer their children the very best support they can.

Connect with Sarah

Website: https://www.confidentkids.co/ 
Social Media:  @confidentkids.co

Mentioned in this Episode

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Join Sarah’s Confident Communicators Facebook Group: Confident Communicators | Facebook

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