Is Not Getting Enough Sleep Really That Bad For Us? with guest Dr. Jennifer Reid

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What’s the big deal if we don’t get enough sleep? On this episode of Brainy Moms, Dr. Amy and Sandy asked psychiatrist and insomnia expert, Dr. Jennifer Reid that question and she shared several ways that sleep deprivation impacts both our physical and mental health. We talk about the basics of sleep, the difference between sleep deprivation and insomnia, and the impact of sleep on weight, metabolism, immune system function, focus and attention, and overall health. It’s kind of a big deal that we get enough sleep! Join us to learn some serious sleep science from a serious sleep doctor. 


About Dr. Reid

Jennifer Reid, MD is a psychiatrist and award-winning educator with a practice in Philadelphia. She writes and podcasts as The Reflective Doc, sharing practical mental health information to those who may not have access to adequate care and support. She trained at Columbia University and UCLA, and is on the clinical faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a regular contributor to Psychology Today, writing the blog called “Think Like a Shrink” where she covers a variety of mental health topics.

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Instagram: @thereflectivedoc
Twitter: @docreflective
Podcast: The Reflective Doc Podcast

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